It’s a mess! – Introspecting Quality of Food


“Variety is the spice of life”: an age old adage.But what specifically defines the meaning of ‘spice’ in our life? Tasty Food,Isn’t it? Yes,it is. Wonder! how tasteless our life would have been if we have to eat same type of food everyday, if the food choices would be curbed to few items.”Sameness is the mother of disgust,variety is the cure.” No doubt, life would be no lesser than a hell.


Lets talk about the type, quality, food vintage, the students are served with in National Institute Of Technology, Silchar (NIT Silchar). In the lieu of being a national institute,one might expect a top class food service for its student inside the campus.But no, its not true.NIT Silchar, located in the heart of Barak valley, stands high in embracing diversity, may it be of culture, religion, caste, people, etc but stands a bit behind in case of food varieties and quality dished up.


The quirk and taste of food served at the mess and canteens in student hostels and the limited choices of fast food,sweets,dairy products,fruits,etc inside the campus have been a keenly discussed issue in college.


Hostel mess is literally ‘a mess’. While there may be few alternatives available for non vegetarians, it is null for vegetarians. Even non-veg is nasty. Other than the usual days, ‘Paneer’ is the only choice left for vegetarians in feast too. Milk is never served as beverage, only tea or coffee. ‘Parathas’ seems as if have been dipped in oil not fried. Being fed up with the same awe mess-food, students head towards hostel canteens fetching a different taste. They may find a better tatse there but again pick-edge circulating between maggi-aaloo paratha-omlet-pasta, remains a muddle. Irregular canteen schedule is again an issue.


The food hassle is not only restricted till hostel mess and canteens. In fact,the campus shops also fail in variegation. Cuisines limits from aaloo paratha to momo to patties to roll, two pani-puri stalls, a juice stall serving two-three types of juice. No pick for fast foods or south-indian dishes or restaurants. No availability of dairy products or fruit stalls inside the campus.


Not only this,the food served at the hostels have become a matter of discussion at the recently-concluded campus elections as candidates, while seeking votes, promised better food.Students have demanded to invoke coupon system in mess instead of paying the mess fee in lump in the beginning of a semester. While students have often complained about wishy-washy food and unhygienic conditions in the mess and canteens, authorities say they do not compromise with the health of students, especially when it comes to food. Although,the authorities conduct a food audit regularly and ensures that the quality of food is maintained,but no amelioration has been observed yet.


While authorities conduct regular checks at the hostel-mess and canteens, students say more needs to be done about the quality and taste of food. Just providing food should not be the only focus here, they should also be provided with good food. Since they don’t have the option of cooking in their rooms, they have to depend on this food, the quality or the menu which hasn’t changed in a long time. It’s simple, great ingredients make great food. Health needs healthy and tasty food,that is all the students want.