Indomitable Spirits of Women Cricketers


Let me share one story of a promising girl. It was back in 1999, when a sixteen year old girl made debut for her motherland and scored a breathtaking 114 not out; quite a telling story. Imagine if she were a boy, he would be in the front page of every newspaper the very next day and obviously he would be touted as next Sachin in the making. That’s knock was just the beginning of an illustrative 18 years career(still counting), after that she become the synonym of achievement, averaging more than 52 in her entire career, highest run scorer in ODI , 2nd in the list of most ODI matches played in the history of women cricket. Yes, you are guessing it correctly (some are still confused). I am talking about the lion of women cricket- the Indian stalwart Mithali Raj. It’s a matter of sheer disgrace that most of us are still unaware about this living legend. Her only fault is that being an Indian girl, she chooses cricket as her career. It’s a matter of utter disappointment that even after seventy years of independence ,daughters of our country are being deprived of honor as well as recognition despite they have tackled the pain-stacking effort in the cricket field. Is not it funny in a country where cricket is considered to be a religion we often forget to worship the Goddess of it ?

Let me talk about another heart-melting story of a kid .A ten year old little girl was sitting before the t.v. set , watching neither serials nor cartoon but the 1992 cricket world cup. Despite being born in a small town in Nadia, West Bengal she chooses the path of hardship and sacrifices. Through her persistence, hard work and never say die attitude, she achieved her dream and conquered the less traveled path. Currently, she is the highest wicket taker and fastest bowler in women cricket circuit. Yes , I am talking about the dynamic personality, the 5feet 11 inch Jhulan Goswami.

These are only a handful among the millions inspiring untold stories of women cricketers. Let me ponder why do people sacrifice their whole life in the field of sport ? Keeping the love for the game apart, representing own country, giving best for their motherland and gaining a little bit of love and support are the prominent ones. All the women cricketer are ticking the 1st two boxes correctly, but the sad reality is that they are always deprived of the third one from us. Indian women have also produced some breathtaking cricket, reached the final of 2005 world cup, but still they are not getting respect as they deserved. They are always neglected when we talk about cricket. For us, supporting cricket means only the men team, stars means only the men cricketers. Shouldn’t we, the, common people, pay same love and affection to the women cricketer??? Because, they have also undergone through the same level of pain, sacrifices, hardship to represent our country and they have also the same level of zeal, dedication and passion to wave the Nation’s Flag!!

A famous line is striking my heart at this right moment from the 1994 classic” The Shawshank Redemption “, ‘hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. ” Yes, I also see a glimpse of hope when I come across various posts in fb in support of Indian Cricket Team in ongoing cricket world cup,2017.People are going crazy over the performance of Smriti Mandhana, Ekta Bisht, Deepti Sharma and many more. Legends like Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami are leading the pack nicely and the support of the public might bring a smile, tears of joy to their face after such roller coaster ride in their career.

As formerly, 1983 cricket world cup brought positive change in the whole landscape of cricket in India, this 2017 cricket world cup would also bring change to the fortune of women cricketer and would give them their own identity, a better life and more joy. I am an optimist and huge believer of the fact that the revival of Indian women cricket is knocking at the doorway.