Are ISRO’s expensive missions worthy?


Expensive space mission has always been a debatable topic since space agencies has started exploring. In fact they have become the key pillars of developed country. But the issue is that, is it’s purpose really to serve the humanity? Specially NASA is always targeted for its dogmatic vision to send the people at mars. Most of the people ends up saying that “Are there less problem on earth to solve that you are thinking about space” whenever it comes to space exploration.By the way, since the birth of mankind on this planet, problem has never been end. But it is also not justified for the human to clog his nature to discover the new dimensions of world due to such daily life problems, as great philosopher Socrates has said “Man must rise above the Earth to the top of the atmosphere and beyond for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

Well ,I would rather talk on the scenario of India that how much it is justified for a nation to have such expensive space program, whose around 22% of population lies below the poverty line.If we talk of numbers, ISRO’s total budget for 2017-18 is merely 0.44% of the total budget of India. But the debate doesn’t end here. People argue to invest this money to some other fruitful program. Ironically ,there is no such field , whether it be education, defense, agriculture etc. where money is utilized efficiently. Even defense program are not untouched by scams, what to say of others government program.People will be benefited only by the right uses of schemes.┬áIf we roughly go through the statistics of big scams like CWG, 2G spectrum, coalgate, saradha group scandal etc, India has lost more than 66 billion US$ which is around 50 times of the annual budget of ISRO for 2017-18.Meanwhile, if we talk of efficiency of ISRO’s mission , out of 61 launches only 8 has been failed till now. Figures may seem little but they cost a heavy amount of money. But I think these sacrifices are licit for such big missions.

We all are aware of the ISRO’s contributions in the development of country in various fields including hi-tech education system, medicine,rural development, disaster management and most prominently telecommunication system.

When we think of India’s mars orbiter mission (MOM) or Chandrayan mission, they seem waste of money, because they don’t benefit us directly. But indirectly these mission has helped us too much. Apart from acquiring new technology and skills for such upcoming challenges these missions has established India in the front line of elite space club. In the scenario of growing space industries, India has already imprinted his marks by sending 104 satellites in space in one go and has proved itself as a most promising space industry in the world.

Very few people know that ISRO has a commercial arm named Antrix Corporation Limited which is a PSU with revenue of billions of rupees. It deals with marketing of satellites and providing launch facilities to the satellite customers. Thus, ISRO is serving it’s motto-“Space technology in the service of mankind” in one or another way. Consecutive successful missions of ISRO are inspiring the young scientists to see the nation from a new height with new feathers in their cap.

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